Usually I get my makeup done for weddings, but now that I have a lil girl I find it easier to just stay home and take my time with my makeup in between snacks and meltdowns.  I also realized that for me, the main difference I notice with getting a professional makeup job is the LASHES. So this time I went out and bought some to apply myself for the first time ever.  I'm not gonna lie it was a lil scary at first but I totally pulled it off and loved the look, it is so much easier than i thought it would be!  I bought the lashes that are meant to be worn just on the outside half of the eye for a nice flick on the outer corners.  They looked 'natural' and not totally, obviously fake.  So I urge you, before you count yourself out in the makeup application department go get yourself some lashes and learn how to put them on yourself.  They are a total game changer!

For this look I went with some pink shadow on a mild intensity cat eye (mild for me), some contouring/highlighting and just a lilac gloss on the lips.

Here are a few shots of my final look - dress is by Nicole Miller.


That magical moment when the Fed Ex truck pulls onto your road and then into your driveway.  Yessssss.  A Zara delivery!  Here's today's look inspired by this new top from Zara.  PS its only $19 and can be used as a great layering piece come Fall.  

For makeup, today I went with a very nude eye (no mascara), a bright lip and some light contouring.  I am LOVING a naked eye these days.  So fresh and modern looking.  Not to mention SO EASY.  More is not always more. 

Feeling Anxious?

... Or moody, or pissed off, or depressed.  Whatever has got you feeling like shit, I just wanted to remind you that you should go for a *run.  Not a moderate or light jog, but a full on, give it all you got run. I promise that you will feel your negative energy leaving your body like a god damn miracle. 

I ain't a doctor but there are a lot of them who have written legit articles on how intense cardio can get you out of an anxious rut.  Just Google it.  I'm not here to remind you of the science behind it but rather to remind you that running exists because we are stupid humans and forget what makes us happy sometimes.  I was feeling particularly anxious this week (anyone who knows me well knows how I struggle with generalized anxiety) and then I was like, oh right, I've been a lazy piece of shit lately.  The thing is, the more anxious I am the less inclined I am to do something about it.  Again, I can be a stupid human.  Anyways, I am writing to tell you to get some good tunes and push yourself hard into happiness. 

 I listened to Shura's new album 'Nothing's Real' on my run today, I highly recommend it!  Download that shit and run like you're being chased by a serial murderer.  Your mental health will thank you.  Oh and running makes you skinny which is awesome. 

*by running I mean any intense cardio, just get that heart rate up!


I bought this dress after I had my daughter.  I was feeling all proud that I had lost (most) of the baby weight and was stoked to be feeling myself again.  I think I went a bit too far.  For the first two months it just sat in my closet.  I knew it was there but it was too much of a commitment for me to handle.  Then I started trying it on in the mornings with the intention of wearing it and then just as I'm about to head out the door I would run back upstairs and do a last minute change (I have embarrassingly done that a total of 3 times).  I finally made the commitment and wore this through a full work day this week.  The entire day I was in anticipation of taking the damn thing off.  I originally thought that I was uncomfortable with my body but I now know that I was just plain uncomfortable.  I HATE bodycon clothing.  I feel so liberated knowing that for sure.  It wasn't that I hated my body, in fact the vertical lines in the dress and the colour (obvs) were quite flattering considering its skintightedness (I know that's not a word).  I think I may be able to officially take the oath this time and say that I'll never buy a skin tight ass dress for everyday wear again.  Eff that nonsense (evening wear is worth the sacrifice, I'm not ready to give that up quite yet).  So now I can go back to my loose, body grazing threads and not look back.  Ahhhhh.  That's the sound of relief.  Things I also hate include but are not limited to: belts, ANYTHING that ties around my waist, pushup bras, underwire bras, bulky jewellery, or anything that aggressively touches my body.  Am I alone here? Do I have a complex?  Is this normal?

Side note:  I was pretty stoked about this everyday makeup look.  Which I now do everyday. Here's what I used:

Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream by L'oreal in Medium, MAC Bronzing Powder, Mac Highlighter in Global Glow, MAC Pro Long wear Concealer in NC20, Anastasia Eye Shadow in Caramel, Clinique Skinny Stick in Black (my new fave eye liner) and L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black, and Maybelline Lipstick in Maple Kiss. 

Back from the grave

Hey.  I'm bringing this site back from the grave because I'm missing this creative outlet in a real way. Sometimes I get stoked on the outfits I put together and want to share them in hopes that they inspire.  So Hi, I'm back. 

Shirt: Zara, Leather joggers: Forever 21, Back Pack: Kensie from The Bay