Maternity - Kelly

Kelly and Rob's baby number three is on the way!  For this shoot I used a combination of window light and a one-light studio set up to capture Kelly in her last few weeks of pregnancy. 

The Woods Get Downtown!

The Woods premiered their new piece on Saturday night as part of Halifax Hopscotch Festival's main event downtown on the waterfront.  I went down to catch the performance and snap a few shots for my long time friend and Woods Choreographer Alexis Cormier.  WHAT A SHOW!  From the dynamic choreo to the eye catching outfits, the performance packed a lot of punch - every second captivated!  As a supporter of the Woods from the get go I can definitely say that the Woods get better and better each time they get on stage.  This piece seemed to be a little more 'sexy' than one would expect from the hip hop crew and I don't think anyone was complaining about it! Here are some shots from their performance.