4 parts human, 1 part wolf

Have you ever felt particularly connected to a certain animal?  Or notice that sometimes people can emulate an animal's behavioral traits and instincts?  I have always believed that our spiritual nature runs wider and deeper than our human connection to the past, bleeding into the realm of all life's creation. 

Whenever I see a cat sprawled out on the floor in the beaming window light I always flash back to the house I grew up in.  I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and heading straight to the kitchen to lay down on the floor by the patio door to feel the warmth and comfort of the sun's rays on my skin.  The thought that I or anyone else could possess cat like instincts doesn't surprise me.

Ever since I've know Alexis, a friend of mine for over ten years, she has always said that her spirit animal is the wolf.  I've never really asked her why.  To me, it always just seemed obvious.   

'...if you imagine the most unusually intelligent, emotional, and sensitive dog you have ever known that's how all wolves are - that extraordinariness is just commonplace among them. It is necessary for their survival.'

'...the common idea of the wolf being a ferocious creature is not what people who live closely to wolves for a long time see.'

For Alexis' birthday I wanted to create an image that captured her in this way.  So here it is, Alexis - Happy birthday my fierce, loyal, sensitive and sometimes misunderstood friend.

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    Alexis Wolf For Post.jpg