Almost, Almost Famous

It is true that our failures are our biggest teachers.  They are our allies disguised as our enemies.  If we fear them and let them get the best of us then we will never get the chance to see our true potential and know what we are really made of.  And that, my friends, is a tragedy.   When I first started taking photos I thought every photo I took was terrible and I wasn't quite sure why nor did I have a clue as to how to make them better.  But slowly (thanks to my failures) I was able to learn what I was doing wrong one step at a time and begin to correct them.   Once we begin to recognize our failures as opportunities to get one step closer to our true standards we can begin to forgive ourselves for messing up yet again and be okay with not being our best just yet.  It is through the experience of our failure that we see glimpses of our vision emerge.  And it is these glimpses that keep our spirit going.

Now ego, that is your real enemy - but that's for another day.

A special shout out to Meghan for killing it.  You are good girl! And to Alexis who is never afraid to tell me when my ideas are good or maybe a bit ridiculous.

Model: Meghan Hale
Styling: Sasha Bitar, Alexis Cormier
Photography: Sasha Bitar