All Black Everything

Allie and I froze our asses off during this shoot a few weeks ago, but with both of us committed to the cause we chased the daylight to the bitter end anyway.  As a dancer/gymnast, Allie has mastered control of her body making modelling look like a cake walk.  Her movements although always with intention are never overdone to the point where they take you out the of stillness of the photograph.

As a photographer, I don't like to stunt a model's creativity by giving them too much direction unless they need it.  For this shoot, I just let Allie get in her groove and our creative styles seemed to work together effortlessly. 

If you are an aspiring model (or not) and are looking to have some fashion inspired photos done get at me and lets create something uniquely you together. 

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Model: Allie McLaughlan                           Makeup: Vicky Mina           

Hair: Danielle Comeau                              Styling and Photography: Sasha Bitar