So this morning I was planning on simply posting an outfit-of-the-day pic on Instagram as I rushed out the door to work until I noticed something interesting about the outfit I was wearing.  It turns out I am pretty obsessed with red, pink and black as a colour story (my photography logo is glaring evidence of this).  Today's realization got me thinking about what my attraction to certain colours, prints and silhouettes says about me.  If you looked in my closet you would basically find white, black, navy blue and denim almost exclusively with a dash of pink and red.  Everything is either a cropped square or long and draping.  I wonder if our aesthetic interests can tell us something deeper about ourselves or if it is truly surface level stuff. Hmm.  Someone tell me - what does it all mean?  Who wants to start a study? JK who cares, who wants to go shopping?

 In honor of my self discovery, I have decided to share some self portraits.

Top: Zara, Pants: Aritzia, Lipstick: Revlon, Really Red (Matte)