Why so serious?

So I came across this shirt in my regular online shopping perusal and immediately had this mix of feelings come over me - my overly judgmental side told me that it was lame and ridiculous and to move on, but my more fun and spontaneous side told me I had to have it.  So there I sat contemplating.  Do I buy something that makes me happy even though there's a chance most people will hate it (or worse, think I'm lame) or do I pass it up hoping the hankering will fade?


Well I obviously bought it, it had too many things going for it  -  between my love for fashion photography and the athletic cut and style of the shirt it felt like the right kind of wrong.  So the lesson here my friends (if there is one) is if you like something - wear it.  If a shirt with James Franco's face all over it has the potential to you make you happy then I say, so be it.  Wear that shit loud and proud! When you find yourself picking up that thing thinking 'nah, I couldn't' possibly'.  You CAN, and you should! Get lame once in a while, your spirit will thank you. Being cool all the time is damn hard.  That's all.

Top: Zara, Leather shorts: Top Shop, Lipstick: Rebel by Mac