Beginner's Luck?

When you don't really know what you're doing or at least aren't very confident in what you're doing the only thing you can hope for is good luck.  With this shoot things seemed to really fall into place, the right help, the right light, the right backdrop.  Whether it was good luck or if I'm maybe I'm starting to get my shit together, I don't really care.  All I know is I love the results of this shoot.

Can we now please just take a moment to thank god for creating Athenais' angelic face for us look at.   Ah. Looking at this young girl's face for hours editing this shoot made it a little hard to look in the mirror afterwards JK (I'm only half kidding).  But seriously, thank god for the blue eyed blonds out there.  Without them I couldn't be a brown eyed brunette. The land of relativity is all around us.  And without it, we couldn't show the world who we are - without them, there is no us. You know I just couldn't end a post without some sort of lesson learned. That's all.

Model: Athenais Testi
Hair and Lighting Assisting: Danielle Comeau
Styling and Photography: Me