What is Sexy?

That is a big question and I am not prepared nor qualified to define it, and I won't. But I thought I would touch on the subject a wee bit here.   Let me start by saying that I am totally on board with flaunting our sexuality, in whatever form that means to someone.  I am down with barely-there outfits that show off our best assets or perfectly tight clothing that does the same.  Totally into that shit. But there comes a time (perhaps more often than not) where I use my body to showcase the clothes I admire instead of choosing clothes to showcase me.  The drape of a beautiful fabric, the cut of an architecturally structured jacket, or an interesting silhouette - I am a sucker for it all. And yes, to the point where I absolutely compromise looking traditionally 'pretty' or 'sexy' for the cause.  Perhaps for some it's hard to get past the over sized clothing and the fact that someone has chosen to wear an outfit where their body is lost to the eye.  But is it only our bodies that make us sexy? Or is it the way our bodies make us feel? Regardless of whether or not we let the world around us see what were packin', I like to think that if I feel damn good then god dammit I look sexy. 

Jacket: H&M, Dress and Pants: ZARA

Makeup by Vicky Mina

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