Casual Business

Jeans paired with a blazer and heels is certainly not a new outfit idea and it will most likely never grow old.  Similarly, with the raging return of the boyfriend jean the black skinny jean has made it clear that it too is here to stay.  Some things never change and why should they? These looks have been making women feel their best for a long time and for good reason.   Throwing on a blazer and a pair of your favorite heels can amp up a casual pair of jeans creating a beautiful balance of 'I mean business' but 'I don't take myself too seriously'.  So just like the many other women out there, this look is a major staple in my work wardrobe and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

*Once the weather in this dreadful city makes it above 5 degrees, I plan to add some more interesting backgrounds to the mix here.  Fuck this weather is depressing.

Jeans: Paige, Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Sam Edelman