Tres chic, no?

I don't know anything about fashion really, like as a subject.  I don't know the history of fashion, or how to break it down theoretically.  I don't know the different types of stitching that make a fabric move a certain way either.  Despite knowing very little about fashion, I truly feel that I understand it a considerable amount.  Fashion to me is a feeling - things look good together because they feel right, and certain fabrics appeal to me because they feel right too.  I'm sure someone who has studied fashion could break down why something works and why something else doesn't, maybe there's a lesson about textures or colors or God knows what else.  I don't really care.  I wear things that feel good, that feel right.

I actually googled the word chic yesterday.  I thought maybe I was missing something there. Like maybe it had a more specific meaning or history and I had been using the word wrong all these years.  Turns out it just means stylish.  No matter the genre you can still be chic.  Like wearing this over-sized 'whatchmacallit', (someone tell me what this jacket thing is technically called please) maybe I could even look chic in this?  I don't know.  But it was nice out yesterday and I wore this outfit and it made me happy.  Carry on.

Jacket Thing: Hilltribe, Crop top: American Apparel, High Waist Shorts: Garage

Sidenote:  in the first draft of this post I thoughtlessly capitalized googled and did not capitalize God - I don't know what that means but I feel it's significant somehow.  Is there a cyber world heaven? Maybe I'll go to there.