Boyfriend Shopping

What do you look for in a boyfriend?  I mean - What do you look for in a boyfriend jean?

Me?  This...

  • A casual loose fit, but not frumpy
  • A perfect roll or cuff at the bottom,
  • The perfect weight - light enough to wear in the summer but heavy enough so that they fall off the hips creating a slimming silhouette.
  • Not too skinny at the bottom in order to create balance with a wider, more masculine shoe.
  • Just the right amount of distressing so that they don't steal the show but aren't lost in the crowd either.

I seem to have found a pair that lives up to all that and for only 80 bones.  The Sexy Boyfriend Jean from the Gap has won my heart, the second I put them on in the store I knew I would have a hard time not succumbing to the temptation of wearing them everyday.  This jean comes in a few different colours, I picked up a pair in white with plans of wearing them in a variety of all white ensembles this Spring.  Instead, Spring has decided to play hard to get here in Halifax and so I have it paired with a boxy knit in these outdoor pics.  I plan on doing an indoor shoot that captures how I was prepared to wear them in a more Spring like fashion.  Until then... this.

Jeans: Gap (click to navigate)