D'oh Nuts for Graphic Tees

The graphic tee is like so in right now.  (I hope you read that in Valley girl speak). No but seriously, it is. How many 'I woke up like this' hoodies have you seen on Instagram just this morning?  And although they can be rather annoying and/or tacky at times, I think that may be the point.  Wearing a graphic tee is like getting to wear a temporary tattoo  without having to aggressively scrub it off in the shower.  The message can change to suit your ever changing mood. Sometimes it's not the message but more the aesthetic that'll get you - the perfect illustration or font, in the perfect placement, with a perfect colour palette is damn hard to pass up.  Like this dreamy tank for me.  The black, white and pink palette is totally my vibe and so on my body it goes.  Am I trying to encourage you all to dream more, well not really, but fuck, it cant hurt.  With our moods and aesthetic of choice changing all the time its nice to be able to wear something that says 'this is what I feel today'.  And then tomorrow, well, something else.

Graphic Tank: Vero Moda, Jeans: Gap (Sexy boyfriend Jean)

PS: The folks at Etre Cecile (a Euro brand out of London) do graphic wear to perfection.  I wish to own their entire Spring/Summer collection. Their love for a red, pink, black and white colour story hits way too close to home (remember THIS post?). It hurts, true love hurts.  Case in point pictured below.  Check out their collections HERE.  (The curse of living in Canada, bloody outrageous shipping/duty charges).

PPS: Before you go, I thought I would tell you that I'm seriously considering ordering this gem from eBay.  It's obnoxiously good.  Click HERE and get out your credit card, race you.