Urban Candy

Have you ever set up a tri-pod in the middle of a city parking lot on a Saturday afternoon? Alone? And stood in front of it posing while people at a nearby bus stop just stand and stare?  I have, and it was straight up uncomfortable... for about ten minutes. I felt like such a loser.  Then something happened - somewhere in between the many trips back and forth between posing and checking to see how the image turned out, I totally forgot where I was and that I was being watched.  What a liberating realization.  To snap back into reality and realize that for God knows how long you were so into the moment that all of your fears of judgment and looking stupid faded effortlessly into the background.  It is moments like these that remind us that fear is simply a state of mind.  And if we step into the direction of our fears we may just find that once we're there it's not nearly as bad as we imagined it to be.

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