Make New

Second hand shopping can be one hell of a task. Sifting through endless racks and bins full of junk hoping to find that one piece that makes the whole trip worth it.  Believe me, I have done my fair share of thrifting, and for good reason - some of my favorite pieces have been gratifying second hand finds. But wouldn't it be nice to have someone with a good eye do all the digging for you so that you could simply pick your favorite pieces from a perfectly curated selection?  Well, Makenew is this place.  A shop full of hand-picked second hand pieces, all of which are either relevant to today's fashion trends or the undying breed of classic.  The girl behind it all is shop owner, Anna Gilkerson.  Anna has managed to create a store, that although second hand, certainly has its own identity.  The clothes seem to have a similar feel which makes it easy to show up and buy a complete outfit to take home with you, ready to wear for the evening. I dropped into Makenew's new location on Agricola for the first time and tried on some of the clothes and jewelery (which is not second hand) and took some snaps of the outfits I put together.  Looking back, why didn't I leave with those mom jeans? So good.

All the clothes and accessories pictured here can be purchased at Makenew at 2468 Agricola Street, Halifax.