Jeans, a Tank Top... and Jay Z

The idea for this outfit started with a friend of mine showing me a photo of a fashion blogger that she follows on Instagram.  The outfit in the photo wasn't much of anything - jeans and a tank top, basically.  But it was wicked in its simplicity.  And so it reminded me of something I already knew - the beauty in keeping it simple, and that an outfit consisting of jeans and a tank-top or tee shirt in itself is totally post worthy.

I think I always assumed that I didn't accessorize my outfits much because I was lazy.  But after a while I realized that it was the minimalism that I was attracted to. Minimalism can be just as statement making as an elaborate, highly accessorized outfit.  And so into my closet I went, looking for a perfect jean and tank combo, determined to bring it way back to basics.  But then one thing led to another and a gold chain and leather bomber jacket got added. And so although jeans, and a tank top is where this all started - Jeans, a tank top... and Jay Z is where it ended.

Side Note: can someone please tell me if they prefer the colour or B&W finish on this look.  It's such a toss up for me.  Don't be shy, let me know what you think?