Show and Tell?

I have to say I've outgrown the majority of my wardrobe at this point (19 weeks).  The only things that still fit me are a few long t-shirts and sweaters (which frankly I've grown tired of looking at).  Everything else just isn't working.  So with that comes the opportunity to buy new clothes.  One may be envious of the excuse to do some guilt-free shopping but believe me, this is no walk in the park.  I still find myself perusing the racks of clothes that would have caught my eye pre-pregnancy, holding them up to my body I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  With an attempt to stay out of maternity clothes as long as possible I've been looking for jersey anything, long cardigans and sweaters, and dresses that have some belly room for the anticipated bump growth in the months to come.  As I am shopping around trying to create a wardrobe that is comfortable, as attractive as it can be (considering), and appropriate for work I seem to come across the same question - Do I show off the bump or try to mask it?  I have a lot of moms tell me that pregnant woman today don't dress the way they used to and that maternity clothes of past decades aimed to hide the bump and not show it off leaving them in tent-like clothes that tended to be unflattering.  Why was hiding the bump such a norm?  Should I be aiming to do just that? or should I be showing this protruding bump of growing life off for the world to see?  The truth is I've always been a big fan of loose comfortable clothes, but now that I'm getting bigger I'm starting to feel more attractive in clothes that don't make me look like a bouncy castle. Here are a couple of dresses that portray my dilemma - what do you think?  Accentuate the bump or not?

Ps: I miss pants... but I'll save that challenge for my next post.