Glitter and Hormones


I spent most of my adult life hating on anything 'too' pretty or feminine - glitter, bright colours, empire-waist-anything, under-wire bras, eyeshadow.  I took pride in knowing what I liked - boxy clothes that barely touched my body, black-anything, matte-anything, masculine inspired looks that had just the right amount of sex appeal and no amount of 'pretty'. 

Then I got pregnant. 

I spent the last three months desperately trying to adjust to my changing body and hormones and trying to understand where I fit in to it all.  I spent an hour each morning trying to fit my new boobs into my box cut t-shirts wondering why they didn't hang the way they used to, taking them off and sitting shirtless in my closet feeling defeated.  What the hell was I going to wear that still made me feel like me? For most of the three months I managed to get away with wearing all of my flowing vintage skirts and dresses while maintaining some sense of self.  My square-cut fashion forward clothes did not get any play at all.  They just didn't work anymore.  I had these new found curves that I did not know how to deal with.  And to be honest I didn't really like them.  I craved my lean more boyish figure I used to have, when getting dressed was fun and easy and the outfits I wore reflected who I felt I was.

Then something happened.  Instead of trying to be who I used to be, I decided to embrace the new me.  I felt more feminine.  I started to like push up bras, fitted dresses, glittery eyeshadow,  coral nail polish, side hair-parts. What?!

I GET IT NOW - bring on the cleavage, and pink lipstick - for me, pretty is in!

Makeup by one of Halifax's best - Vicky Mina