Usually I get my makeup done for weddings, but now that I have a lil girl I find it easier to just stay home and take my time with my makeup in between snacks and meltdowns.  I also realized that for me, the main difference I notice with getting a professional makeup job is the LASHES. So this time I went out and bought some to apply myself for the first time ever.  I'm not gonna lie it was a lil scary at first but I totally pulled it off and loved the look, it is so much easier than i thought it would be!  I bought the lashes that are meant to be worn just on the outside half of the eye for a nice flick on the outer corners.  They looked 'natural' and not totally, obviously fake.  So I urge you, before you count yourself out in the makeup application department go get yourself some lashes and learn how to put them on yourself.  They are a total game changer!

For this look I went with some pink shadow on a mild intensity cat eye (mild for me), some contouring/highlighting and just a lilac gloss on the lips.

Here are a few shots of my final look - dress is by Nicole Miller.