Feeling Anxious?

... Or moody, or pissed off, or depressed.  Whatever has got you feeling like shit, I just wanted to remind you that you should go for a *run.  Not a moderate or light jog, but a full on, give it all you got run. I promise that you will feel your negative energy leaving your body like a god damn miracle. 

I ain't a doctor but there are a lot of them who have written legit articles on how intense cardio can get you out of an anxious rut.  Just Google it.  I'm not here to remind you of the science behind it but rather to remind you that running exists because we are stupid humans and forget what makes us happy sometimes.  I was feeling particularly anxious this week (anyone who knows me well knows how I struggle with generalized anxiety) and then I was like, oh right, I've been a lazy piece of shit lately.  The thing is, the more anxious I am the less inclined I am to do something about it.  Again, I can be a stupid human.  Anyways, I am writing to tell you to get some good tunes and push yourself hard into happiness. 

 I listened to Shura's new album 'Nothing's Real' on my run today, I highly recommend it!  Download that shit and run like you're being chased by a serial murderer.  Your mental health will thank you.  Oh and running makes you skinny which is awesome. 

*by running I mean any intense cardio, just get that heart rate up!